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My name is ashley and i am 17. ive liked blue seed for a long time and was suprised to find so many other people out there liked it. i first found out about blue seed at our local holly wood video store that my brother now works at,i took it home and loved it. my faveorit person would have to be ryoko,i love her personality and shes great with a gun [speeking of guns! kome is cool too]. it was weird when i went to japan seeing so many things that were mentioned in the show,it felt kinda cool. i was wondering if anyone would possably be able to make me a Ryoko icon,if this sort of post isnt alowed its okay to get rid of it. i was just glad to be able to introduce myself and ask that question. please forgive me for my horribal spelling,im verry tired.
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Y here they are...

         - Kusanagi: 14
         - Momiji: 8
         - Kome: 17
         - Yaegashi: 2
         - Matsu: 2
         - Kunikida: 4
         - Susano-oh: 6
         - group: 4
         - Kusmo: 7

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Mags - Make a Wish


Ok, so seeming as how the last post was in August of last year, I'm guessing the community's pretty much on the dead side?  Well that sucks...  Well, it's BS, so here's to hoping.  Plus I got some BS icons that fans might like.

So...intro...hi, I'm tN!!.  I'm just your typical BS fan, who has a slight obsession with Kusanagi and Kome - not as a couple, 'cause that's...Yaegashi has to keep his girl!  ;P  I have one BS fic up at FF.net (pen name: Wish Wielder), and I'm planning another one (whose outline is coming alone unbearably slow...).  But yeah.  Icons coming after intro.

So uh...I hope y'all aren't dead?  ^^'`

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Fanlisting, anyone?

By the way. ^^; I made a fanlisting for Momiji, it's approved by thefanlistings.org.

If any of you want to join it's here.

If this post is bad/against the rules in any way, you can take it down ^^; just thought you might want to join. <3

Momiji/Kusanagi fan fic

Well, you might have seen my earlier request for fan fic recs. I quickly went through all of them, and then made my own. My first fic in this fandom so I hope it's relatively respectable.

Title: Lace

Author: Me, duh

Pairing: Momiji/Kusanagi

Rating: R, for sexual sitaution, and the fact that Momiji is 15 (that's not legal age in Japan is it?)

Disclaimer: The world of Blue Seed and its characters are not mine, I'm just playing with them

Feedback: Always, please. My work is mostly unbetaed and helpful criticism is always welcome. (However, I'm 4 eps away from finishing the series so don't allude to anything I haven't seen yet, please!)

A/N: If you seen the Omake theater snippets then this is sort of a follow up to the one where Momiji is doing nothing in her bedroom but sitting around in her underwear and shirt. Slightly cheesy sex, but I believe it's in character, so... yeah.

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I suppose that I should introduce myself.

Please don't take me as a stuffy b!tch, I'm not really one. Today is just a bad day.

I'm 17. I've been a fan of Blue Seed since I got On Demand.

I refuse to watch the OVAs, since they apparently have some romantic rival to Momiji. Not that the original doesn't. But this is different.

My favorite character...is probably Momiji, because I like to wish that I'm like her- that the whole clumsy, dumb-looking kid with a bad self-image and a sibling-related inferiority complex can bust out and have cool powers due to a blue thing on her chest.

Well, except for the whole...due to a blue thing deal.

The romantic plot is reminiscent of InuYasha...except this came first. Or the drawing style says that, anyway. I love Kusanagi. A lot.

That's KU's views on the show.

Oh, and I don't like the whole "Aragami rule" idea that the title/username of this community suggests...although I understand the whole "humans ruined the earth" thing.


hello, I just joined the community and here's my introduction.
I've just gotten into anime in general. Blue Seed is only the second series that i've watched (Berserk being the first) and I'm really enjoying it. Unfortunately I only have access to a friend's copy of the series so I haven't finished watching the last 7 or so episodes yet. Although I know what's going to happen since I cheated and read episode summaries. *sheepish grin*

Right now I'm mostly interested in fan fics because that's my life :) Any recommendations? I've mostly combed through all the sites that I could find, although I refuse to read everything on ff.net because quality is usually lacking as a whole.

Anyway, just thought I would say hello!
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Heya, I'm Moonlit. Or for those more daring, you may call me Angela... No promises you'll come out alive, though...

I came across Blue Seed 2-2 and a half years ago... Bah, it's been awhile since I've seen any episodes, but I love it still.

Although I'm a huge fan of K/M pairing, I tend to like Yaegashi/Koume better... ^^;;; Probably because there is next to no fanfiction about them. ^^; I wrote one, though... awhile ago, It's over a year old...

XD I also made a strange little shrine to Yaegashi a loooooong time ago, back when I was still learning the basics of HTML/CSS.. it's here if you want to see it... Though I don't know why in God's name you would... ^^;

^^; Yeah... I think that's about all. Ja Ne!